Cittern .

It looks much like the modern-day flat-back mandolin and the modern Irish bouzouki, and is descended from the English guitar. Its flat-back design was simpler and cheaper to construct than the lute. It was also easier to play, smaller, less delicate and more portable. 

Ashbury 10 String Cittern GR34013

GR34013: Ashbury 10 String CitternSolid spruce top with walnut back and sides. Simple basic finish. ..


Ashbury Celtic Cittern, 10 string GR34016

GR34016: Ashbury Celtic Cittern, 10 stringSolid Alaskan Sitka Spruce top, solid sapele body, designe..



GS34610: Galli Cittern String Set, Loop EndedPhosphor bronze wound, Unison string set. Made in Italy..


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