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Discover a wide range of musical instrument accessories to enhance your performance and protect your instruments. Our collection includes guitar picks, tuners, guitar straps, drumsticks, metronomes, guitar capos, amplifiers, reeds, strings, cases and gig bags, and more. Whether you're a beginner or a professional musician, our musical tools and equipment will help you achieve the sound you desire. Shop now for innovative designs, performance enhancement, instrument protection, and sound quality. Our music accessories cater to traditional and electronic instruments, as well as world music instruments. Join our musician community and explore our selection of music education, music therapy, and music appreciation resources.

Brand: Ashbury Model: GR10211
GR10211: Ashbury AS-2032 A Style Machine Heads, GoldHigh quality A style mandolin machine heads.Gold colour finish, pearloid buttons. Made in TaiwanMore about this Product:Product Features16:1 ratio. Button width: 14mm.Barrel length: 26.1mm. Spacing between barrel centres: 23mmAs used on on the Ashb..
Ex Tax:€89.73
Brand: DREAM Model: GR15540
GR15540: STKS5A Dream Drum Sticks. 5AMade in CanadaMore about this Product:Product SpecificationsMade in: CanadaModel No.: STKS5AProduct Identifier: 609722095372DreamEvery Dream cymbal and gong is hand-forged using ancient traditions of mixing fire and hammering bronze with craftsmanship to create a..
Ex Tax:€12.81

Brand: Viking Model: GR59078
GR59078: Viking VGBS-6025 Brass Guitar Slide. 60mm/25mm21mm radius. 60mm long. 2mm thick. Made from pure brass. Made in ChinaMore about this Product:Product FeaturesGold platedPerfect for any slide guitar or dobroProduct SpecificationsMade in: ChinaModel No.: VGBS-6025Product Identifier: 50512930330..
Ex Tax:€17.47
Brand: Viking Model: GR65063Y
GR65063Y: Viking VVS-RT38 Full Size Violin Shoulder RestBlack coloured rest with black/white comfortable cushion. Made in ChinaMore about this Product:Product FeaturesSoft rubber feet, adjustable in width and heightThe feet fold down, perfect for easy storageProduct SpecificationsMade in: ChinaModel..
Ex Tax:€15.14

Brand: Aroma Model: AT-01A
Aroma AT-01A Tuner Features: Compact size clip-on tuner for chromatic/ guitar/ bass/ ukulele/ violin. One-button operation, easy and convenient to use. LCD display, 2 colors backlight: green- in tune, white- out of tune. Rotatable design, allows you to have the best viewing angle. For help..
Ex Tax:€14.95
Brand: Ashbury Model: GR10201
GR10201: Ashbury Tenor Guitar Machine Heads, SetOpen geared machine heads with black buttons. 14:1 ratio. Made in TaiwanProduct FeaturesNickel plated. Barrel length: 28mmButton width: 17mm. Suitable for BanjosAs used on on the Ashbury Lindisfarne tenor guitarProduct SpecificationsMade in: TaiwanAshb..
Ex Tax:€23.30
Brand: Ashbury Model: GR10202
GR10202: Ashbury Bouzouki Machine Heads, SetDie-cast chrome machine heads with 18mm buttons. 4 right and 4 left. Made in TaiwanProduct Features4 right and 4 left. 16:1 ratioChrome platedAs used on on the Ashbury Style E mandola and bouzoukiProduct SpecificationsMade in: TaiwanProduct Identifier: 505..
Ex Tax:€45.44
Brand: Bespeco Model: SH730
Share TweetSH730 Bespeco  auto locking Guitar Wall Hanger Pinterest• Wall guitar hanger with natural rubber coating. Auto locking system to protect the instrumentReference SH730Data sheetArm Lenght1 cmWeight0,21 KgCarriage Capacity20 KgSingle PackageBusta da appendere / Hang poly..
Ex Tax:€18.95
Brand: Bespeco Model: BAG488KB
BAG488KB   7 octaveFor 88 keys keyboard15 mm paddingMade of rip-proof “Oxford cloth 600D” with PVC outer borderBlack colorVelcro reinforced easy-to-open handleAdjustable strap with professional hooksLarge frontal pocketShock-resistant endings in natural rubberStrong zippers stitched with a..
Ex Tax:€78.00

Brand: Bespeco Model: BAG461KB
Keyboard_performer_line_Bags.   BAG461KBShare Tweet PinterestFor 61 keys keyboard15 mm paddingMade of rip-proof “Oxford cloth 600D” with PVC outer borderBlack colorVelcro reinforced easy-to-open handleAdjustable strap with professional hooksLarge frontal pocketShock-resistant end..
Ex Tax:€61.00
Brand: Bespeco Model: VM22
VM22 Bespeco on/off latch pedal• ON/OFF “latch” pedal with ABS base and rubber feet• Metal body that allows to couple pedals togetherDimensions94 (W) x 90 (D) x 42 (H) mmTypeON/OFF "latch"Power supply9V battery for LED (not included)ControlsLEDConnectionØ6,3 mm mono jack socket..
Ex Tax:€15.90
Brand: Bespeco Model: BP04X
• 3 sections sheet music stand made of steel with extension for big music books• Completely foldable. It comes with carry bag..
Ex Tax:€26.96
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