Percussion is a captivating and versatile category of musical instruments that adds rhythm, texture, and excitement to music across cultures and genres. It encompasses a vast array of instruments, both traditional and modern, played by striking, shaking, or scraping to produce unique sounds.

From the thunderous beats of drums to the delicate chimes of cymbals, percussion instruments form the heartbeat of music, providing a solid foundation for melodies and harmonies to flourish. They create dynamic accents, syncopations, and rhythmic patterns that engage listeners and ignite emotions.

In orchestras, percussion sections consist of various instruments like timpani, snare drums, bass drums, xylophones, glockenspiels, tambourines, triangles, and many others. In contemporary music, drum kits, electronic drums, and hand percussion instruments like bongos and congas play a significant role.

Beyond their contribution to ensemble performances, percussion instruments often take center stage in captivating solos, showcasing the skill, creativity, and expressiveness of percussionists.

In diverse cultural traditions, percussion has been an integral part of rituals, celebrations, and storytelling for centuries. From African djembe drumming to Latin American samba rhythms, each culture has its distinct and captivating percussive traditions.

Learning percussion offers a profound musical experience. It requires discipline, coordination, and a keen sense of timing. Aspiring percussionists explore a wide range of instruments, techniques, and musical styles, expanding their musical horizons.

Whether played in a symphony orchestra, a rock band, a jazz ensemble, or as part of a cultural performance, percussion instruments infuse music with energy and passion. They invite audiences to dance, sway, and immerse themselves in the infectious grooves.

Percussion, in all its forms, transcends boundaries and speaks a universal language of rhythm and unity. Its lively and expressive nature continues to inspire and unite people worldwide, making it an essential and captivating element of the musical world.

Leiva CAJ105 Easy Cajon travel kit - 2 DTS

GR17619: Leiva Easy Cajon travel kit - 2 DTS100% Russian 3mm Siberian Spruce Tapas. Made in SpainPro..


Leiva CAJ112 Alma Red Cajon

GR17622: Leiva Alma Red Cajon100% Russian 3mm Siberian Spruce Tapas. Made in SpainProduct FeaturesBi..


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GR17632: Leiva Omeya Evo 2.0 6 String CajonIntegrated Walnut 3.2mm Spruce top. Made in SpainProduct ..


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GR17633: Leiva Omeya Bass Studio Cajon100% Russian 3mm Siberian Spruce Tapas. Made in Spain12mm Russ..


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Liverpool Wood Shaker, Small

GR19835: Liverpool Wood Shaker, Small15cm long and 5x5cm. A loud, bright shaker. Made in BrazilProdu..


Nataraj 16" Tongue Drum, Raga Bhopali

GR18116: Nataraj 16" Tongue Drum, Raga Bhopali10 notes tuned to the Raga Bhopali scale. C, D, E, G, ..


Nataraj 16inch Mkula metal tongue drum

Nataraj 16" Mkula metal tongue drumBhopali tuning. 8 Notes tuned to C Pentatonic D3 to G4. Made in I..


Nataraj 8inch Tongue Drum, C Pentatonic

GR18118: Nataraj 8" Tongue Drum, C PentatonicBhopali tuning. C Pentatonic C4 to E5. Made in IndiaPro..


Nataraj AP-T08 8inch Tongue Drum, C major

GR18114: Nataraj 8" Tongue Drum, C majorIndian made Tongue drum tuned to C major, 1 full octave. Mad..


Nataraj AP-T12 12inch Tongue Drum, C Pentatonic

GR18115 Nataraj 12" Tongue Drum, C Pentatonic8 notes, G3/A/C4/D/E/G/A/C5. Made in IndiaComplete with..


Rhythm Carnival 10" Drum

GR17592: Rhythm Carnival 10" DrumHugely popular small Frame drum. Made in ChinaProduct FeaturesAcous..


Rhythm Carnival 10" FloorTom

GR17581: Rhythm Carnival 10" FloorTomFLoor standing small tom, integral feet inc Beater. Made in Tai..


Rhythm Carnival 10" Tubano

GR17586: Rhythm Carnival 10" Tubano10" Cylindrical Tubano Fixed Tune, . Made in TaiwanProduct Featur..


Rhythm Carnival 22"Gathering

GR17584: Rhythm Carnival 22"GatheringLarge 22 x 8inch Drum with Beater. Made in TaiwanProduct Featur..


Rhythm Carnival 8" Frame Drum

GR17591: Rhythm Carnival 8" Frame DrumMade in ChinaProduct FeaturesAcousticon shellFibreskynProduct ..


Rhythm Carnival 8" Tambourine

GR17590: Rhythm Carnival 8" TambourineMade by Remo. Made in ChinaProduct FeaturesAcousticon shellFib..


Rhythm Carnival Bongo 5"&6"

GR17587: Rhythm Carnival Bongo 5"&6"Made by Remo, Bongo drums, small head: 5inch, large head: 6i..


Rhythm Carnival Bongo 6" + 7"

GR17588: Rhythm Carnival Bongo 6" + 7"Molded Feet, Made by Remo. Made in ChinaProduct FeaturesAcoust..


Rhythm Carnival Conga Drum

GR17580 Rhythm Carnival Conga DrumSmall 9" Cylindrical Conga drum, with sling. Made in TaiwanProduct..


Rhythm Carnival Hand Drum Set

GR17578: Rhythm Carnival Hand Drum SetSet of 5 drums 6" - 14", plastic head. Made in TaiwanProduct F..


Rhythm Carnival Thunder Drum 6 inch x 6inch

GR17579: Rhythm Carnival Thunder Drum 6 inch x 6inchSpring Drum, Tie Dye. Made in TaiwanProduct Feat..


Rhythm Carnival Tubano 7"x16"

GR17589: Rhythm Carnival Tubano 7"x16"7" skin and 16" tall with moulded feet. Made in ChinaProduct F..


SV5816TD Rhythm Carnival 16inch Gathering

GR17583: Rhythm Carnival 16" GatheringSmall 16" x 8" with Beater included. Made in TaiwanProduct Fea..


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