School Percussion

School Percussion
  • Tambourine, Triangle, Maracas, Castanets, Wood Block, Jingle Stick, Bell Straps, Claves

Atlas Bell Shaker, With Strap

GR19026: Atlas Bell Shaker, With StrapWooden handle with leather strap, shake to jingle! Made in Chi..


Atlas Bell Shaker, Wood Stick

GR19027: Atlas Bell Shaker, Wood StickMultiple bells on a wooden stick. Lovely jingly sound. Made in..


Atlas Cactus Rainmaker, 0.5m long

GR19081 Atlas Cactus Rainmaker, 0.5m longMade from traditional Cactus. Made in ChileProduct Features..


Atlas Coloured Hand Bells, Set of 8

GR18032: Atlas Coloured Hand Bells, Set of 8Boxed set of eight tuned hand bells from C - C. Made in ..


Atlas Double Cowbell, Metal

GR19010 Atlas Double Cowbell, Metal2 tone percussion instrument joined by metal handle. Made in Chin..


Atlas Ebony Bones, Pair

GR19007 Atlas Ebony Bones, PairPolished ebony bones with a nice clean sound. Tapered shape. Made in ..


Atlas Ebony Castanets, Small

GR19001S Atlas Ebony Castanets, SmallOne pair of ebony castanets. Made in IndiaProduct FeaturesTradi..


Atlas Fish Guiro, Large Body

GR19011: Atlas Fish Guiro, Large BodyAttractive fish shaped scraper, made of wood. Made in ChinaProd..


Atlas Foot Tambourine, 4 Jingle Pairs

GR19038: Atlas Foot Tambourine, 4 Jingle PairsAttaches the foot (or any limb) with an adjustable vel..


Atlas Half Moon Tambourine, Black

GR19034K: Atlas Half Moon Tambourine, BlackBlack. Sturdy Tambourine with a chunky plastic handle. Ma..


Atlas Large Claves, Wooden

GR19131: Atlas Large Claves, WoodenLight coloured solid wooden claves. Made in ChinaProduct Features..


Atlas Large Percussion Pack

GR19094: Atlas Large Percussion Pack10 pieces, as GR19092 + wood block, castanets, larger tamb, tria..


Atlas Medium Wooden Frog Guiro

GR19048 Atlas Medium Wooden Frog GuiroWooden frog with bumpy back and scraper stick. Made in IndiaPr..


Atlas Metal Shaker, 21cm long

GR19136 Atlas Metal Shaker, 21cm longBrushed Silver coloured cylindrical hand shaker. Made in ChinaP..


Atlas Metal Shaker, 31cm long

GR19138 Atlas Metal Shaker, 31cm longBrushed Silver coloured cylindrical hand shaker. Made in ChinaP..


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