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Accordions are a family of box-shaped musical instruments of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone type, colloquially referred to as a squeezebox. A person who plays the accordion is called an accordionist. The concertina and bandoneón are related. The harmonium and American reed organ are in the same family, but are typically larger than an accordion and sit on a surface or the floor.

The accordion is played by compressing or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons or keys, causing pallets to open, which allow air to flow across strips of brass or steel, called reeds. These vibrate to produce sound inside the body. Valves on opposing reeds of each note are used to make the instrument's reeds sound louder without air leaking from each reed block.The performer normally plays the melody on buttons or keys on the right-hand manual, and the accompaniment, consisting of bass and pre-set chord buttons, on the left-hand manual.

Scarlatti Child's Piano Accordion, Red

GR41000R: Scarlatti Child's Piano Accordion, Redwith 17 treble keys, 8 bass. C to E. Ideal for child..


Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 24 Bass. Red

GR41002R: Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 24 Bass. RedRed pearl finish. 30 treble key, 2 voice, G to C, w..


Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass. 3v

GR41004R: Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass. 3vRed finish, 34 treble keys, 5 treble couplers, 3 voi..


Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass. Red

GR41003R: Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass. RedRed finish, 26 keys, 3 treble couplers, 2 voice, 8 ..


Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 72 Bass. Red

GR41006R: Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 72 Bass. RedRed pearl finish, 3 voice, 34 treble keys, 5 regist..


Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 8 Bass. Red

GR41009R: Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 8 Bass. RedA larger 8 bass accordion with 22 treble keys. Ideal..


Viking Accordion Back Strap, Leather

GR41099: Viking Accordion Back Strap, LeatherIn two parts, fastened together with plastic clip for e..


Viking Accordion/Melodeon Bag, 12bass

Viking Accordion/Melodeon Bag, 12bass GR41082Quality rucksack style ideal for larger melodeons and 1..


Viking Italian Style Melodeon Straps

GR42095 Viking Italian Style Melodeon Straps60mm brown velour padding with 22mm tan leather strap. M..


Viking Melodeon 72 Bass Padded Straps

GR42093 Viking Melodeon/72 Bass Padded StrapsMedium width, shoulder straps for melodeon or 72 bass a..


Viking Padded Melodeon Straps

GR42092A Viking Padded Melodeon StrapsPadded leather shoulder straps for melodeon. Made in ItalyProd..


Viking Piano Accordion Straps, 120Bass

GR41098: Viking Piano Accordion Straps, 120BassQuality leather Accordion straps for large Accordions..


Viking Premium Melodeon Carrying Bag

GR42081: Viking Premium Melodeon Carrying BagQuality rucksack style. Ideal for standard sized 2 row ..


Viking Single Leather Shoulder Strap

GR42092 Viking Single Leather Shoulder StrapPlain leather strap for melodeon. Made in ItalyProduct F..


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