African Drums

African Drums 

Bucara Doum Doum Medium, Sangbar

GR17051: Bucara Doum Doum Medium, Sangbar12" Head. Cloth covered shellProduct SpecificationsProduct ..


Bucara Doum Doum, Large

GR17050: Bucara Doum Doum, Large14" Head. Cloth covered shellMore about this Product:Product Specifi..


Bucara Talking Drum 5" - 7"

GR17062: Bucara Talking Drum 5" - 7"Made in GhanaProduct SpecificationsMade in: GhanaProduct Identif..



GR17121 Atlas PVC Djembe 10". TuneableA PVC shell with a Caribbean style sarong wrap. Fibreskyn head..


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