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Our wind instrument section includes all mouth blown instruments, end-blown, side-blown, with fipple or with a single or double reed and brass instruments too.

Brand: Acme Model: GR27884
ACME5 Slide/Swanee Whistle GR27884Black body. Made in United KingdomProduct SpecificationsMade in: United KingdomModel No.: ACME5Product Identifier: 717668124534..
Ex Tax:€45.45

Brand: ATLAS Model: GR27018P
GR27018P: Atlas 6 Hole Ocarina, PinkSmall heart shaped body made from plastic. In C. 55mm wide. Made in ChinaMore about this Product:Product FeaturesAtlas ocarina sounds beautiful and the design is simple but elegantMade of high performance ABS resin plasticProduct SpecificationsMade in: ChinaModel ..
Ex Tax:€5.24
Brand: Sans Model: GR27082
GR27082: Sans Gralla Med Reed, Yellow ThreadSpare cane reed for Sans Grallas. Made in SpainProduct FeaturesQuality cane reedPerfect for all Sans grallasGood powerful soundProduct SpecificationsAn expertly crafted cane reed designed to work with Sans GrallasMade in: SpainModel No.: IN3GProduct Identi..
Ex Tax:€25.63

Brand: Tony Dixon Model: GR23051D
GR23051D: Tony Dixon High D Whistle, Tuneable, Black DX004DLow priced D whistle, made from 2 joints of plastic, black. Made in United KingdomProduct FeaturesVery popular whistles, designed and made in EnglandGreat mellow sound and great qualityTwo piece tuneable WhistleProduct SpecificationsBlack pl..
Ex Tax:€28.95

Brand: XAPHOON Model: GR27054
GR27054: Xaphoon - 'The Pocket Sax'Fully chromatic, 2 octave range. Polymer body, great Sound. Low note is Middle C. Made in USAProduct FeaturesRecorder size instrument with a saxophone sound!An easy maintenance, top fun instrument that invites innovation and experimentationVersatile new woodwind in..
Ex Tax:€134.03
Brand: Acme Model: GR27881
GR27881 Acme Thunderer WhistleDeep rolling drawl, one of the popular sounds of Carnival. Made in United KingdomProduct SpecificationsMade in: United KingdomProduct Identifier: 717668115600..
Ex Tax:€7.68
Brand: Atlas percussion Model: GR27027
GR27027: Atlas 15 Note Cane Pan Pipe in CMade from maple. Complete with carry case. Made in RomaniaComplete with Gig BagProduct FeaturesTraditional Romanian made Nai panpipesAuthentic sound and arrangementDecorative designProduct SpecificationsProfessional quality traditional Romanian pan pipes, mad..
Ex Tax:€177.00

Brand: ATLAS Model: GR21042
 Atlas Chinese Flute, Brass ReededBamboo F flute, 2 piece with brass tuning slide. Made in ChinaComplete with CaseProduct FeaturesTraditional Chinese fluteAuthentic traditional constructionChinese madeProduct SpecificationsTraditional decorative design with inscriptons and tassle. Tuneable!Made..
Ex Tax:€92.07

Brand: ATLAS Model: GR21043G
GR21043G: Atlas Dizi Bamboo Flute in GTraditional Chinese flute with membrane hole between blowhole and finger holes. Made in ChinaComplete with CaseProduct FeaturesMembrane hole allows for authentic Dizi soundTraditional constructionMade in the ancient styleProduct SpecificationsPerfect for those l..
Ex Tax:€48.95

Brand: ATLAS Model: GR27041
Atlas Hulusi Bamboo PipeDecorated gourd mouthpiece with a bamboo drone and chanter in Bb. Made in ChinaComplete with CaseProduct FeaturesAuthentic traditional Chinese Hulusi.One octave, Great fun to playUnique soundProduct SpecificationsA great value Hulusi, perfect for those interested in the instr..
Ex Tax:€96.74

Brand: ATLAS Model: GR27024
GR27024: Atlas Peruvian 15 Note PanpipeCurved bamboo panpipes. Made in PeruProduct FeaturesTraditional style panpipes15 tubesGreat looking and sounding panpipes!Product SpecificationsGreat value traditional pan pipeMade in: PeruProduct Identifier: 5051293003228..
Ex Tax:€23.30
Brand: ATLAS Model: GR27026
GR27026: Atlas Peruvian Zampona PanpipeDouble 13 note, brown bamboo. Made in PeruProduct FeaturesHandmade in Peru!A fairtrade productTraditional constructionProduct SpecificationsHandmade, fairtrade panpipes from Peru. Includes basic instructions.Made in: PeruProduct Identifier: 5051293003235..
Ex Tax:€22.13
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